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Crafting with G

Home made penguin wrapping paper I thought I'd do a blog post on a craft project GG and I did recently.  We love to get messy with paint and I thought it might be fun to have a go at making our own wrapping paper!   Here's what we did. 1. Cut your potato in half and then like the image below to create an oval stamp with a pinch grip and two little wedge shapes for arms. (probably best if the adult does this bit!) 2.  Put on your arty bib (what we like to call the green thing) and paint black paint onto your oval shape potato.  Stamp your potato shape onto the paper, re-apply the paint and...

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From an idea to a finished product.

The Process I get asked a lot about my process and how I get my ideas for new cards and the truth is I don't follow a particular 'recipe'.  Some ideas can very quickly go from a quick sketch to a final product, whereas others can take up lots of my time drawing and redrawing, playing around with colours and then never even finishing them! I'm always thinking about new ideas and how they might look, so whenever I see something which triggers me to think of a new product, I'll make a quick note of it and come back to it when I have time to draw.  I'm not too organised with the process however and I'm constantly finding...

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