I'm Lizzie, owner and designer of Lizzie Chancellor.  

I always wanted to run my own small business and after designing my own wedding stationery back in 2013, I thought I'd try designing some greetings cards.  I participated in various trade shows and began selling wholesale but I quickly realised that my cards were quite different from those you find on the high street, so I decided to concentrate on selling them direct to my customers through my website.

During lockdown there was a huge increase in card sales due to all the shops being closed and I noticed people were buying more than one card, I then decided to sell my cards in packs and encourage people to keep a supply at home so they could be ready at any moment to send a card.  My aim was to make it as easy as possible for people to keep up their relationships with their friends and family.

After selling quite a few packs of cards a few of my customers asked me if they would be able to choose the cards in their packs - this is when the pick your own bundles were born!  My customers can now choose their own cards in the bundles which means they only buy cards they need.

All products are proudly made in the UK using high quality recyclable and recycled materials where possible and printed on FSC certified papers. 

I design from my design studio (spare room) in sunny south east London.  I hope you enjoy Lizzie Chancellor products as much as I enjoy making them! You can read more about my story here.  

Here are 10 facts about me!

1. I have a son called Grayson and a daughter called Vivienne.  They are my motivation and keep me driving my business forward.
2. I live in south east London with Grayson, Vivienne and my lovely husband Matt.
3. I’m a total adrenaline junkie, I love to ski & kite surf and do anything that involves speed and the fresh air in my face!
4. I once jumped out of a plane and have also done three bungy jumps!
5. I LOVE sandwiches, I have one almost every day for lunch.
6. I’m notoriously bad at picking food in restaurants, I take ages to decide and then panic order and always seem to get it wrong which results in my poor husband having to share his with me!
7. I’m very clumsy and have broken/fractured many bones including both wrists (netball) a few ribs (snowboarding) and one of my toes. (Kitesurfing)
8. I have a familiar face, people often think they’ve already met me or they say they recognise me when we’ve not met before.
9. I worked as a chalet host when I was younger and had to cook and clean in a chalet for 18 people! I didn’t have much experience in cooking but I somehow got through the whole season without giving anyone food poisoning!
10. I often speak before I think and say silly things, much to my friends amusement!