How to make thank you cards a fun activity for children

I can’t be the only one who didn't enjoy writing thank you cards as a child. After all the excitement of Christmas or your birthday, what could be more of a downer than having to do what is basically homework. I clearly remember the jubilation of finishing writing all of my letters, not because I was imagining the joy they would bring to all their recipients but because I didn't have to write anymore ‘boring thank you cards’ as I believed they were.

As an adult I can now see why my parents saw the importance in me writing them. I absolutely love it when I receive a thank you card through the letterbox. Whether it's for hosting friends for dinner or a present I've bought for someone, I really appreciate that they have gone to the effort to buy a card, handwrite a lovely little message and then pop it into the post box. 

This is a tradition that as a child I swore I would not inflict on my kids but.... that I am now whole heartedly embracing with my children!  Plus it's great practice for their handwriting!

So, here's how to get your kids excited about writing thank you cards. The key to this is to make it feel like a fun thing to do!  Luckily, I have a few products that can help with this!

set of blank cards and envelopes

1. One way of doing this is to make the activity, the making of the card.  I sell sets of blank cards and envelopes which you can give to the kids to create their own cards!  Let their imaginations run wild, as long as you have some colouring pencils, a pencil and a rubber they can create their own little masterpieces to send out to family and friends.  If they're older and are confident with scissors, you could even recycle old birthday cards and turn them into a new card


2. For the younger children I have designed some colouring in thank you cards.  These are brilliant for anyone who loves to colour within the lines and also for those little artists that like to make lovely abstract marks!  There are 5 gorgeous designs which will show through your little ones marks, resulting in a lovely piece of art that is still clearly a thank you card.


personalised space correspondence cards

3. If your child isn't into drawing and colouring so much but would like to choose their own design for a thank you note then my personalised correspondence cards are a great way of doing this.  They can choose between 6 fun designs and also choose the wording at the top of the notecards.  Also, as these notecards are quite small (A6 in size) there isn't a huge space left for writing a message so a quick hand written 'thanks' would suffice.



4.  If you like the idea of a correspondence card, I also have these colour in notecards which are ideal for any age really.  They make beautiful thank you notes and they're really enjoyable to colour in!  What better way of showing someone that you appreciate the thought and time they put into you than dedicating time colouring in their thank you card - and who says colouring in is only for children?!

So now you've got the cards sorted, you just need the kids to do the writing part!  Instead of writing the same message in each card and swapping out the name, how about looking at it in a different way.  I think that what people really want to feel is that the time and effort they put into finding and giving something to you is appreciated. And this doesn’t always need to be conventional. My friend’s mum is very talented at writing short funny poems and so often uses these inside a card in lieu of straightforward prose and I love this! 

I hope this was helpful and you've found the perfect thank you cards for your ones.

So that just leaves me to say, THANK YOU for reading and for all of your wonderful orders.

Lots of love


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