5 creative Wrapping paper crafts for any occasion

Wrapping paper - it's like the flashy outfit you wear to a party. It might not be the main attraction, but it certainly gets noticed! And let's face it, sometimes the wrapping paper is even more exciting than the gift inside (sorry, Aunt Mildred).

But seriously, wrapping paper is a great way to show off your personality and make your gift stand out. Especially if you're going to show off even more and do a fancy folding technique such as this one below, I've used my daisy wrapping paper here.

fancy wrapping technique

When you only have small pieces of wrapping paper left you can mix and match patterns and colours to create a truly unique gift that will have the recipient oohing and aahing.  I created the basket below entirely from scraps of wrapping paper I had lying around - never throw away your scraps!

mixed paper basket

Why not try your hand at some DIY projects, like making a decoupage masterpiece or adding a pop of colour to a piece of furniture?  You could even line drawers with it!  Wrapping paper truly is a versatile material that deserves more credit than it gets.  I covered a washed out tin of beans with some leopard print wrapping paper in just 5 minutes and made a fancy pen pot!

tin covered in wrapping paper

With just a tiny square of wrapping paper (12cm x 12cm) you can make these cute little crackers!  These are great for Christmas, birthday, valentines day, wedding favours! Any occasion really!  They're super easy to make too, I've used my love heart wrapping paper and you can follow the tutorial here.

homemade cracker

In conclusion, wrapping paper can add a lot of joy and creativity to gift-giving, crafting and beyond. So next time you're wrapping a gift or looking for a new project, take a look at my wrapping paper collection and get inspired! 

As always, tag me in any projects you do with my wrapping paper designs!

Happy crafting! 

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