5 ways to repurpose a birthday card

Having looked at why sending birthday cards is good for maintaining relationships I thought that it was only natural to look at what we can do with birthday cards once they have been taken down.  So I have got my creative hat on and thought of some fun ways that they can be repurposed to give them a second life. Come to think of it, this doesn’t need to be specific to birthday cards, all of the following ideas could be used for any cards that you receive.

  1. Frame your favourite

I sell a lot of personalised cards which are a shame to just get rid of, especially the photo cards , so framing them works really nicely I think.  My cards fit perfectly into a 6inch square frame.    

  1. Make gift tags

Ok, so this is an idea that I definitely stole from my mum but it’s a goodie so I wanted to share with you too!  Mum would cut up old Christmas cards into a rectangular shape, use a hole punch to cut a hole in one end, thread some ribbon through and voila! Genius!

  1. Turn old cards into a new card

It’s no secret that I am a fan of art and in particular its benefits so it seems a no brainer to get crafty with old cards. How about cutting out shapes from old cards to create a collage.  Look for different colours and textures on the cards and impress your friends and family with a hand made collage card.

  1. Postcards

This is such a simple one, just cut the front of your cards off and use as postcards to send out to family and friends! A great way to repurpose a card.

  1. Make garlands

You can make some lovely garlands out of your old cards, just cut them into circles using a template and fix together with double sided tape and string or ribbon to form a garland.  You can then hang this over a mantlepiece, along a stair banister or around a picture frame!

So there you have it, my tops tips on how to repurpose cards. If you have any other things that you normally do with your old cards then I would love to know! So just pop a comment in the box below or send me an email. I will definitely share any new ideas that you guys give me.

Lots of love

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