Why sending a birthday card is important for keeping up relationships

Technology is so wonderfully brilliant in so many ways. My business, for example, wouldn’t be where it is today without it and I’m convinced that there is an app to help you with almost anything you could want! It can also help us remember all of our friends’ birthdays, but what you do with that reminder is then up to you!

Obviously it is incredibly easy to fire off a text wishing your friend a happy birthday, and being the owner of a greetings card company, you could call me biased, but I do genuinely believe that it is important for friendships to send physical birthday cards. Whether we are sending to friends that we see all of the time or friends that live on the other side of the world, it really does show that we care.  Post is becoming rarer and rarer these days (aside from the obvious online shopping deliveries!) so I think that it has become even more impactful when we do receive it.

Take one of my personalised photo cards for example, you can choose whatever photo and message you would like to appear on the front of the card making it completely personal. I defy that not to put a smile on your recipient's face when they open the envelope and fill them with the knowledge that you really care about them. Real time, thought and effort has been put into sending that card. Then there is obviously the added advantage that you can write a nice long message inside a card without it looking like you have written War and Peace in a whatsapp message!

Now while this is slowly becoming a thing of the past, there are even some relationships that I can say I only am able to maintain because of post. For example, my godmother will always send me a card for Christmas and on my birthday and it always prompts me to then write back to her. Not to mention that it is always nice to have birthday cards displayed around the house. Am I the only one who rarely gets round to taking down the birthday card display until its time for it to be replaced with the cards of the next person in the house to have a birthday?!

If this past year has taught me anything it is that we really need to appreciate the smaller things in life and take enjoyment and pleasure wherever we can. For me, that is sending cards in a bid to maintaining relationships (if you have read my blog post about why sending or receiving a handwritten card makes you happy, you will see I’m not the only one!). 

To make sending birthday cards as easy as possible, especially when time is so limited, I have created some birthday card bundles so you can make sure that you always have a card ready to pop in the post.

Lots of love


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