Why colouring in is good for you

With it rapidly approaching a year (can you quite believe it?!) that we have had to live what could never be considered to be a normal life, I thought that it would be nice to share some positivity, specifically around why colouring in can be considered good for you! I think that the past year has taken a toll on even the most optimistic of people so we all need to be kind to ourselves and look after our mental health as well as our physical well being.

I remember a few years ago buying into the newly emerging trend of adult colouring books to promote mindfulness. It was something that I had heard rumblings of but hadn’t actually put to the test and I was absolutely hooked straight away! It really is such a good way of taking some time out for you, to de-stress, forget about the anxieties of life for a while and become engrossed in something without any outside pressures. What’s more, it isn’t just for people who are artistic, anyone and everyone can and should get involved!

Our rainbow colouring in cards

It is something that I let slip over the past couple of years, but as Grayson started to become more and more interested in art and colouring in I found myself joining in and my love for it was reignited. This really was one of the main drivers behind creating all of the free colouring in downloads recently, I really mean it when I say they are for the whole family to enjoy! I have gradually been adding to my collection of them so why not have a quick peek and download the ones that take your fancy.

Our bugs colouring in download (its FREE!)

Also while we are on the topic of the mind and art, it has reminded me of someone who I met many moons ago when I was travelling who was training to become an art therapist. It involved very in depth and specialist training and is widely recognised as a form of therapy to help people with a range of problems and illnesses and from all age groups. I really do think that it is wonderful that art can it seems help so many people in so many different ways. I also recently came across a study that says that art not only has the potential to increase your mood but in certain circumstances can actually also help in managing pain – pretty amazing if you ask me!

So, in the spirit of looking after you, download a free colouring sheet or have a look at our other colouring in products.

Lots of love

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