Reward Club Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Reward Club?

Click the pink and white picture of a present that's always visible at the bottom left of your screen to open the Reward Club page.

You will need to create a Lizzie Chancellor account to access the reward club. You can do this by clicking on the 'Join now' button on the reward club page or going to the Lizzie Chancellor Account page.

You will need to use the same email address for your account as the email you used for any previous purchases with me in order to claim any waiting points.

Top Tip: It's really useful to have a website account anyway as it means your delivery address and card details will be automatically stored so that you don't have to re-enter them every time you shop with me. Don't worry your card details are automatically encrypted by my website and so are fully secure. 

Once you have signed in you need to click the Reward Club pink and white present again or hit the green button that says 'Take me to the reward club'.  


How do I earn points?

You'll get 200 points as a bonus for signing up to the Reward Club.

You earn points by placing orders on my website: 

£1 spent = 5 points

You will automatically receive your points whether you are a member or not but you will need to sign up in order to use them. 

The reward club page shows you how many points you currently have.


Why haven't I got my points for signing up?

If you already have an account on my website you will already have received your 200 bonus points. Your website account is the same as your reward club account. 

If you've just created an account and can't see your 200 bonus points then just refresh your browser and the points should appear. If then don't then contact me and I'll sort it out.  


How do I spend my points?

To spend your points you need to redeem them for a voucher code to use at checkout. On the rewards club page click on the little present picture where it says 'Ways to redeem'. 

If you have over 100 points a green button saying 'Redeem' will be visible on the 'Ways to redeem' page. You can then choose how many points you want to redeem by moving the slider bar left and right.

100 points = £1 order discount

Once you have chosen click the green 'Redeem' button and your discount code will by generated. You just need to hit the apply code button and the code will automatically be added for you when you get to checkout!

Top Tip: Don't worry the code will only be used up when you make a purchase. A copy of the code will automatically be emailed to you and you can see any unused codes on the 'Your rewards' section of the reward club page.


How do I refer my friends?  

On the rewards club page there is a section called 'Tell you friends about me'. Here you will find your personal referral link. All you have to do is give this to your friends and when they visit my website using this link and make a purchase then you will both get a £5 voucher to spend in my store.

Top Tip: It's important that you friends use this link to visit my website otherwise I won't know you you've referred them and neither of you won't automatically get the discount voucher. If they accidently purchase without using this link then contact me to let me know and I can sort it for you.


How do I get my £5 refer a friend voucher?

When your friend makes a purchase using your personal link then you will automatically receive an email with your £5 voucher code. You can just copy and paste this into the discount box at checkout to get your discount. Alternatively you can find your voucher code on the Reward Club page and hit the 'Apply code' button for the code to automatically by applied for you at checkout. 


Reward Club Rules

My refer a friend scheme is designed to reward customers for telling their friends about me and therefore help my small business grow. Unfortunately referral fraud can occur with these schemes whereby customers refer themselves to get a discount. This is clearly not how the scheme is meant to be used and therefore the system will only allow one customer per household to use the scheme. If you have a friend living in the same household as you who you want to refer then please email me and I will sort it for you.