Card Club Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the cards I want each month?

I will send you an email every month, 10 days before I send out your order. In the email there will be a link to the card club monthly selection form. On this form you can choose the occasions you'd like or even the exact cards you'd like that month.

If you are super organised and don't want to wait for the reminder email, you can fill in the form any time after you have received your last pack of cards by clicking the link here:

Choose my cards


How do I change my card selection if I made a mistake or change my mind?

As long as it's by the cut off date that I put in your monthly reminder email just click on the selection form link in your email again (or the appropriate link above) and submit another selection. If you submit two selections I will always use your most recent entry to pack your order.

If you can't remember what you put on your form and want to know then contact me and I can send you a link to edit your original selection rather than fill out a new blank selection form.  


What happens if I don't have time to chose the cards I want each month?

Don't worry this service is meant to make your life easier! If you don't tell me what cards you'd like I will hand pick some lovely cards for you, this will always include at least one birthday card.  


How do I manage my subscription?

You need to create an account on my website to manage your subscription. You can do this on the account page.

Once you are logged in click on the word 'subscriptions' under the title 'my account'. 

On the subscriptions page click on the white box containing your subscription number.

From here you can see when your next order will be packed, skip a month, pause your subscription, cancel it completely and change your payment details or delivery address.


What's my free delivery code for all orders on your website?

I sent you this in your card club welcome email and include it in your monthly reminder email so you can always find it there. If you can't find that then contact me and I will send it to you.

Please note this code is only valid whilst you're a member of my card club.


Can I receive more than 3 cards a month?

Yes, if you'd like to order more cards please do so and don't forget to use your personalised FREE DELIVERY code.  (This was emailed to you after you signed up) if you cant find it - please contact me.


Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Yes you can pause, skip or cancel your subscription at any time.  Simply login to your account to do so.