World Kindness Day

Who else loves that warm and fuzzy feeling of someone being kind to them? Perhaps a smile from a stranger in the street, your friend remembering your birthday, or receiving an unexpected, handwritten card through the post.  Being kind is an important personality trait to me and when my son’s teacher once described him as kind, I could have cried!

A while ago (back in the good old days when we were able to travel!), my husband and I were at the airport, struggling with two over tired children and mountains of baggage, when a sympathetic stranger let us into the queue ahead of them. That simple act of kindness made a huge difference to us in that moment and I was very grateful.

Acts of kindness such as these are sadly harder to offer, given the nature of the times we are living in. Yet it is now, more than ever, that we need to show people we care. The boom in card sales during lockdown indicate that many of you agree with me, and with the difficult times not yet a distant memory, we need to continue the kindness!

These designs are from my 'Happiness' collection.

As I’ve said before, it is scientifically proven (my husband is a scientist so loves a proven theory!) that sending a handwritten card can improve your wellbeing AND that of the person you are sending it to. Double win.  Both of you will positively benefit from your act of kindness of writing and sending a card – what’s not to love about that?! 

If for whatever reason you’re unable to write the card yourself or simply don’t currently have the time, did you know we can also send your cards out directly for you?  Simply add the message you’d like inside the card at checkout and we’ll pop it in for you (for free) and send the card straight to the recipient.  We're nice like that.

So what better time to be kind and pop a card in the post or let that stranger into the queue than in celebration of World Kindness Day this Friday 13thNovember?

Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind print

I’m going to go and have a think of who I can send my ‘Be silly, Be honest, Be kind’ print to this year…


Lots of love and kindness,





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