When wrapping paper is too small!

We all know of that dreaded feeling when you cut the wrapping paper too small, or the last bit you have left just isn't quite big enough for your gift.  Well, fear not, I'm here to help with a nifty gift wrapping hack!


First of all, turn the paper sideways so the edges are diagonal to your gift.


Fold the bottom of the paper over the side so the point meets the top of your gift.


Now hold that piece in place and tease up the left side of the paper, creasing the top flap over as you go.


Pull the paper up and line up the edges.


Fold over to create a neat corner.


Fold the diagonal edge back on itself so the fold line links up the two opposing corners


Now fold the paper over the other way so the underneath of the paper is hidden.


Follow the same steps on the other side and secure the two sides with a piece of tape.


Rotate the gift and use both hands to tease up the final flap, then hold down the two top folds with one hand and lift up the remaining flap with the other, making sure the edges line up.


Fold the edges down to make an envelope shape.


Neaten up the sides by folding back and under as before, do this on both sides.


Add a piece of double sided sticky tape to the tip of the triangle flap.


Fold over and seal and you're done!


Not only can you be super smug that you managed to wrap your gift with a small piece of paper but you also made it look blooming lovely too!


I hope you found that tutorial helpful, do drop me a message if you have any questions.  The strawberry wrapping paper I've used here is one of my designs, if you like it, you can take a look at all my gift wrap designs here.


Thanks for reading!




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