Super easy Christmas paper chain tutorial

Who does't love paper chains? They're a super simple and fun way to decorate your home over the festive period so I thought I'd do a little tutorial on how to make them. 

I absolutely hate waste so I'm always collecting up scraps of gift wrap and these are PERFECT for paper chains.  So, make sure that when you wrap up your pressies, instead of throwing away the bits you don't need, put your scraps to one side to use for paper chains!  They're also a great activity for little hands and can keep them entertained whilst getting you all get into the festive mood!

You can mix and match your strips, form a repeating pattern or make chains with one design only, I'll leave the creative decisions up to you!

What you will need:

  • Gift wrap scraps or sheets
  • Scissors
  • Glue or sticky tape


Step 1

Cut your paper into the same size strips, this will depend on whether you want to make mini paper chains or big paper chains but a good size to go for is 20cm x 2cm.


Step 2

Take one strip of paper and join the two ends to make a loop.  You can either join them with glue, sticky tape or if you're feeling fancy - double sided tape.  I find that glue sometimes can come unstuck, sticky tape works a treat and if you don't want to see the tape then double sided sticky tape is your best friend.  I'm using double sided sticky tape here and its neat and tidy and you don't end up covered in glue!


Step 3

Feed the next strip through your loop and curl the ends to meet and join them as before, to form a chain.


Step 4

Repeat the process until you've reached the desired length of chain or until you've run out of paper!


Step 5

Drape them around your house and feel really smug about what you've created from scraps you were just going to throw away!


If you do decide to make some I'd love to see them, especially if they've been made using scraps of my Christmas gift wrap! Do tag me in any images you share on social media @lizziechancellor

Happy Crafting! 



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