My top 5 subscription services for 2021

It’s safe to say that this year more than ever we need to put the past behind us and look to the future! With this in mind I wanted to share with you guys some great subscription services that I have come across in the past few months to add some excitement to your letter box for 2021!

From what I can see, subscription services are continuing to grow in their popularity and I can absolutely see why! In a time when people either have everything that they want or it’s with them at the click of a button, they are becoming increasingly difficult to buy gifts for. However, with subscriptions, you can choose something that the recipient will truly want and in this less materialistic age something that serves a purpose. What’s more, by it’s very nature it’s the gift that keeps on giving, month after month!

So, here goes, top 5 subscriptions for 2021 by me, Lizzie Chancellor…

1. Make and Wonder art boxes 

These beautifully put together art boxes aim to encourage children to be curious and experience new ideas all whilst learning through play. Each month, 4 cards detailing the chosen projects are sent to you along with any art materials that are needed to complete them. There are also helpful tips included for parents so their children can get the most benefit possible from the boxes.  We get these boxes every month and Grayson loves exploring all the ideas.

This service is honestly a coffee lovers dream! The options of strength, type, grind and delivery frequency are endless meaning that you get a service specifically tailored to you. Don’t worry though, their website handily guides you through the selection process seamlessly and quickly! My husband and I LOVE coffee and we’ve been signed up to Pact for a while now; I don’t think we’ll be cancelling it any time soon!  Also, if you do decide to sign up, you can use the following code to get £5 off your first bag!


Designed to encourage children to read, this subscription service set up in 2018 sends through a book every month to the recipient. Not only this but it will be accompanied by a pack of activities, ranging from recipes and jokes to questions about that month’s book to encourage discussion around the book itself. What’s more if you have more than one child (in the same reading bracket) they offer a sibling discount!  This subscription service is definitely one I’m going to come back to when my children are older and reading, I think it’s such a lovely idea.

The premise of this is simple and is exactly as the name suggests, a subscription service for flowers. Not only do beautiful, in season blooms get delivered to your door each week, but you are given guidance on how to arrange them for maximum impact. What’s more you can suspend your subscription if you go away so no flowers go to waste – genius!  I’ll be adding this one to my Christmas list!


(I mean you didn’t really think the list would be complete without mine in there did you?!)  You can choose between a rolling subscription receiving 3 or 5 cards a month, or we have the option of a 3 month gift subscription (4 cards a month).

They are selected by me and will cover all the major occasions such as Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day etc… In addition to this you can let me know if you need any specific cards in any given month (I always need loads of birthday cards in September!). Oh and if you let us know your birthday when you sign up we will send you a little treat!


I hope that these have given you some ideas for Christmas pressies this year or just an idea of how to treat yourself!

Lots of love 

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