How to make an Origami Star

These beautiful five pointed paper stars look tricky to make, there are quite a few steps but if you follow them, you should end up with a lovely origami star at the end!

I've used my candy cane wrapping paper to make the stars here, but you can use any decorative paper. It's a great way to use up small pieces of wrapping paper that you have left over.

I also have a video of a star being folded, which you may want to watch that before you start.

Step 1

Start with a square piece of paper, mine is 20cm x 20cm.  You need to turn this square into a pentagon - follow the steps to find out how!

Step 2

Fold your paper in half and crease along the fold.

Step 3

Turn the folded paper 90º anticlockwise and fold the top left corner down to meet the vertical fold. Crease along the new fold.

Step 4

Open the latest fold back up and repeat the other way - bring the right side down to meet the left vertical edge.  Crease along the diagonal fold.

Step 5

Open up the fold and look for the X where the two diagonal creases meet.  This is where you want to bring the bottom right corner.  Crease along the bottom diagonal fold.

Step 6

Turn the paper 90º clockwise and fold the top piece back on itself, with the two edges meeting. Crease along the new fold.

Step 7

Fold the bottom right corner on itself to meet the new crease line you just made.

Step 8

Turn the folded paper over and fold in half with the two edges meeting.

Step 9

Grab your scissors and cut along the line to create a triangle shape.

Step 10

Unfold the triangle shape to reveal your pentagon!

Step 11

Fold up the bottom edge so the corners meet the two diagonal crease lines of the top half.  Repeat this process for all 5 sides of the pentagon.

Step 12

Start to fold one of the bottom edges up again and gently push the flap from the adjacent edge up too.  

 Step 13

As you fold the flap on the right over, ease the flap on the left to fold in on itself.

Step 14

Pull the left corner of the right flap down so the underneath piece folds in line with the vertical crease mark behind. Repeat this process for all 5 sides of the pentagon.

Step 15

This bit is hard to explain but if you gently lift up the five sides of the pentagon one by one so they crease around the small pentagon shape inside.  

Step 16

Pinch the edges and ease the points round so they fold on top of each other.  

Step 17

Fold the overlapping edges down flat. 

Step 18

Turn the star over and fold each of the 5 sections in half neatly.

Step 19

When you get to the fifth section, lift up the first one so you can fold the fifth and tuck it under the first.

Step 20

Look at your finished star in amazement and be proud of what you've achieved!


I hope you managed to follow my guide ok, if you do decide to make any stars - do tag me on social media so I can see them! @lizziechancellor.

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