How to make a garland from old greetings cards!

This is a brilliant way to repurpose old greetings cards and turn them into something else!  You could even use special cards from an occasion and make it a themed garland, like wedding cards or new baby cards etc.  Then you can hang it around your home and enjoy it and the cards for longer!

Here's my step by step guide on how to make it:

1. To make a garland you'll need a pair of scissors, some double sided tape or glue, some old cards, a piece of ribbon or string and a circle punch. (If you don't have a circle punch you could use a template to cut out your circles the same size.)

2. Cut out your circles using your punch or your template, you'll need 4 circles to make each "ball" on the garland.

3. When you've cut out all your circles, lay them out in piles of 4 to make sure you have enough.  You can either make your garland ball shapes with the same patterns or mix and match, it's up to you. 

4. Fold the circles in half and attach two folded circles together with glue or sticky tape so the print is on the outside.


5. After attaching three of the circles together this way, lay your string or ribbon in the centre before attaching your last circle down on both sides, trapping the ribbon in the middle.


6. Continue this process until you have attached all of your ball shapes onto your garland.

7. Finally you can hang your garland wherever you like! I've chosen to hang mine around some picture frames in my children's play room. It looks lovely don't you think?

I hope I've inspired you to reuse and repurpose some of the cards you receive!

Lots of Love,

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