4 Ideas for keeping the kids busy this half term

Even though I don’t yet have to think about half terms and school holidays, Grayson’s nursery had an insert day recently and while I was looking into what we could do, it got me thinking, next year he will be at school and they will become my reality! So, I thought that it might be useful to pop down a few ideas that I came up with for you to take some inspiration from!

1. Museum visits

No, I promise I haven’t lost my mind suggesting visiting a museum in half term! One of the few positives to come out of social distancing is that you now need to book your (free) museum entrance ticket in advance and they are massively limiting the number of people they are letting in at one time. All this makes for a stress free, guaranteed fun time! My personal favorite is the space exhibition currently on at the Science Museum although Grayson was pretty taken with the blue whale skeleton at the Natural History Museum!

 2. Five Minute Mum

For any of you who don’t already follow Daisy Upton aka @fiveminutemum on Instagram make now the time that you do! In her own words she provides ‘five minute fun activities for busy people to do with little kids’ For any of you who don’t have instagram she also has an amazing website crammed with even more brilliant ideas and activities. In case you needed anymore convincing (who are you?!) she recently released a book too and I can confirm, it's brilliant!


 3. Craft kits

We love a good craft kit in the Chancellor household, my current favourites are Cotton Twist for simple yet extremely satisfying crafting and Make and Wonder for their amazing art subscription boxes that keep Grayson entertained for hours (you can buy one off boxes too).  These kits are great to pull out on a rainy day (I have been known to get carried away and forget the kits are for the kids and not me!) With so many beautiful products to choose from our favourites are the Mini Craft Kits from Cotton Twist and the Bright and Bold Birds box from Make and Wonder.


 4. Colouring in cards

Why not kill two birds with one stone with this activity that will keep the children entertained and give you a head start on Christmas card prep! 

Or if it's too early to even think about Christmas (sorry!) then have a look at the rainbow version, all those little shapes are guaranteed to provide hours of colouring in fun! These cards can be used for any occasion, birthday, thank you, you name it!

Oh and don’t forget that there is always my free download for the little ones to enjoy while you have a well-earned cuppa!



I hope that's given you some ideas!

Lots of love


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