How to make your own wrapping paper.

Home made penguin wrapping paper

I thought I'd do a blog post on a craft project GG and I did recently.  We love to get messy with paint and I thought it might be fun to have a go at making our own wrapping paper!  

Here's what we did.

1. Cut your potato in half and then like the image below to create an oval stamp with a pinch grip and two little wedge shapes for arms. (probably best if the adult does this bit!)

2.  Put on your arty bib (what we like to call the green thing) and paint black paint onto your oval shape potato.  Stamp your potato shape onto the paper, re-apply the paint and do the same again.  Keep going until you're satisfied with the amount of shapes on the paper. 

3. Draw or paint white circles in the centre of your black oval shapes to form the penguin tummies and add an eye to each one too. We used paint sticks for this so G decided he didn't need his arty bib.

4. Add the little orange feet and beaks with paint or a paint stick - I did this bit (couldn't resist).

5. G then wanted to add some water so he freestyled it with the blue paint stick.

The finished piece of wrapping paper! Ta Da! Ok so it might not win any prizes but trust me, once used to wrap a present it looks ace!

All that was left was to colour in his birthday card.  He wanted to use one of my rainbow colouring in cards, here he is colouring it in.

A beautiful card don't you think?

Grayson was VERY pleased with his present all wrapped up in his homemade paper AND his special coloured in birthday card, the hard bit was convincing him to hand them over to the birthday girl!

Hope you enjoyed reading and see you next time,

Lizzie x 

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