4 great back to school gift ideas

And just like that, summer is almost over!  I can't believe we'll be entering September in a week.  September also brings the start of school for some and back to school for others.  My son is a September baby so we've got another whole year to prepare him (and us) for school. 

I can imagine children have a lot of feelings when starting school, some emotions they might not be able to explain and they may manifest in different ways.  Here's a few brilliant mum run business that have some fantastic products to help prepare children during this emotional time.



1. First up, it's the wonderful Muthahood.  Gemma sells beautiful products that are aimed to empower women, girls & boys.  One product that I particularly like are her "Strong girls club" and "Brave boys club" patches.  These are the perfect patches to iron onto your childs' school bag or inside their blazer or coat to remind them that they are strong/brave and they've got this!


2. Next up it's the brilliant Happy Self Journal.  This daily journal for children is designed to promote happiness and encourage children to talk about their feelings. Ever since Francesca launched this journal I've been following her journey and it's incredible to see how well she's done.  The product speaks for itself and her customers rave about the difference it makes to their children after using the journal.  I'll be getting one for my children as soon as they're old enough!  I think it's  a brilliant way to start conversations with your children about their day at school and also their worries they might be having.


3. Charlie from Fearless Flamingo has designed this amazing free download to help prepare little ones for school.  Again, it's a brilliant way to encourage children to talk about how they're feeling without being too pushy.  There are some prompts to help your child think about how they'll be getting to school, what time they need to leave, what they're excited about or worried about etc.  You can download Charlie's worksheet here.

Sending a card to a child before their first day of school is also a brilliant way to support them and make them feel excited about it.  I had a customer contact me about my tractor card asking if I could change the wording and turn it into a "good luck on your first day of school card" which I was very happy to do!  I know how much my son loves receiving cards and I think he would really enjoy hearing words of encouragement from his family and friends.  I can adapt any of my personalised designs so do get in touch if you'd like a specific card for your child's first day of school.

I hope this was helpful, please do comment below if you have any other products you'd recommend for children starting or going back to school.

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