5 ways to use up wrapping paper scraps

I'm one of those people who absolutely hates waste!  If I have a small scrap of leftover wrapping paper, I put it in a box and save it to use another time.  Once I have a box full of scraps then I'll get to work and make some new things out of them!  


Here's a few ideas of what you can make out of leftover Christmas wrapping paper.


1. Paper Chains

This is a great way to use up scraps as you only need small pieces!  I use strips of about 20cm long by 2 cm wide and they look fab!  See my video on how I made my own paper chains.


2. 5 Point Paper Stars

I absolutely love making these!  They make me feel all Christmassy and are so fun to make, they can be a bit fiddly to get the points all beautifully aligned but they look SO good once finished.  You can also easily make a few of these into a garland.  Watch my video on how to make these origami stars.


3. Mini origami gift bags

These are a great way to use up smaller pieces of gift wrap as well as being a great way to wrap awkward shaped gifts!  They look super professional and they're super simple to do, definitely worth a try!  Watch my video on how to make an origami gift bag.


4. Paper bows

Another brilliant way to use up small pieces of gift wrap, you really don't need much for these and they finish off your beautifully wrapped gift so well!  Check out my video on how to make paper bows and have a go yourself!

5. 3D Paper stars

The ultimate paper stars! (In my opinion). I just love these 3D stars and the way they fit together is just so damn satisfying!  I made a small hole in the top of mine and thread a ribbon through to make a Christmas tree bauble!  Turning scraps into baubles! Have a look at my video on how to make a 3d star.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to keep your wrapping paper scraps and to turn them into something beautiful!

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