5 reasons why a greetings card subscription is worth having.

Do you find that you're forever buying last minute cards for people?  Wouldn't it be nice to have a selection of beautiful cards for all occasions at home?  Ready for sending whenever you need?  If so, we're here to help with our subscription service.


We currently have two options for you, our 3 card club, or our 5 card club, depending on how many cards you'd like to send each month.  We have a huge selection of designs and we'll make sure you don't get the same designs each month, unless of course you have a favourite design?


Here's 5 reasons why our subscription service is worth having.

1. You'll have a stash of beautiful cards at home, waiting to be sent out for that special occasion.

2. With our subscription service you can choose which occasions you need!  Just let us know what occasions you have coming up and we'll send you the cards for them!  You can even be so specific and let us know that you want a 40th birthday card for example.

3. If you prefer to sit back and let us choose the cards, we'll just send you a beautiful selection of cards, to inspire you to write to people.

4. You have the option to skip a month if you feel you've got too many cards, simply log into the customer portal, select 'skip this month' and we won't send you any cards for that month.

5. You get free shipping on all purchases on my website for life! (Well, for as long as you continue to subscribe to my subscription service). 

We promise that you won't regret signing up to our greetings card clubs, you can sign up to the 3 card club here or 5 card club here.


Thanks for reading,


Lizzie xx 


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