5 Reasons To Use a Notebook

I'm a sucker for new stationery and there's nothing better than a new notebook.  That feeling when you open it up and write on the first page - ooh its so good! (just me?!)

Well did you know that using a notebook is not only super handy, it's also good for your mental health?  Have a read of the 5 points below:

1.  Having a notebook to hand is excellent for when you come up with brilliant and not so brilliant ideas!  The act of writing it down, helps your brain to think you're dealing with the problem so you therefore think about it less.  Then, when your'e ready and have time to think about it properly, you can come back to your idea and decide whether its totally brilliant or if it needs binning!  I do this regularly and often forget to come back to the ideas, only to discover them a few months later and remember what a great idea it was!

2.  If like me, you're into writing lists, a notebook is a great place for that.  Not only can you practice your hand writing skills (because lets be honest, people are using their handwriting less and less these days) but you can also really enjoy the satisfaction of "crossing off the list" once your item has been bought or taken care of.  Having these small "satisfying moments" makes us feel good and efficient and adds to the daily "legend" bucket. (Imagine a virtual bucket that you can fill up with moments in the day where you're quite simply, a legend.)

3. Daily journalling can have real benefits to your mental health.  Regularly tracking your feelings and symptoms can help you see patterns and recognise certain triggers, so you're able to learn ways to better control them.  Writing down 3 things you're grateful for every morning for example, or setting your daily intentions can help you to focus on the more positive things in your life and keep you in the present tense.

4. There has been many a time where someone has said something funny (usually a child) and I've thought - I need to remember that.  My memory however, is not so good.  This is where a notebook comes in handy as you can have a few pages dedicated to just that. "Funny things the children say".  Not only will this make you laugh when you look back on them, but you can thank yourself later for when it comes to writing 18th birthday speeches or wedding speeches as you'll have valuable material to look back on.

5. We use our phones for a lot of things and have become quite attached to them, but disconnecting from them is actually good for you.  If you dedicate a few tasks a week to your notebook instead of your phone, you can give yourself a break from the screen glare and you can also focus 100% on the task instead of being distracted by an email or message that pings through mid task.  Plus, your notebook will never run out of battery!

If you are in the market for a new notebook then I have 4 designs to choose from, a Watermelon Notebook, a Strawberry Notebook, a Cherry Blossom Notebook and a Botanical Notebook.  The four designs are hand illustrated by me and made in the UK. 

I hope you enjoyed reading,

Lots of love,



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