5 perfect Father's Day gifts from small British businesses

I know from experience that Father's Day gifts can be hard to choose. On top of that if you're like me you'd rather shop small and find something from an independent British business. So here you go, 5 winning ideas that any Dad would be very happy with...

1. Personalised BBQ Set

Personalised BBQ Set

The perfect gift for the king of the BBQ this summer. These stainless steel tools with ash wood handles can be personalised with any message. The letters are manually cut into the metal using a half tonne 1950's cutter. How cool is that! They are securely held in a canvas bag.


2. Personalised Chocolate Pizza

Personalised Chocolate Pizza

A guaranteed winner for any Dad. A chocolate pizza handmade by a small team of chocolatiers in Cotgrave, Nottingham. It's personalised with any message you'd like and there are loads of yummy toppings to choose from. It even comes in a cardboard pizza box to give that extra element of surprise! "You got me a pizza???"


3. Personalised Family Books Print

Personalised Family Books Print

This gift will be kept for years to come. A personalised print for him to hang on the wall with pride. Perfect for book lovers, the family name is written on the spines of the books. Available in A3 and A4 this would make a really thoughtful gift. This is my own print and you'll already know that I run a small British business!   


4. British Craft Beer Box

Beer Box

Most Dad's like beer. So I think it's safe to say that most Dads would be very happy with a box stuffed with 5 cans of craft beer from independent British breweries, a sophisticated beer glass and a little bag of pretzels to enjoy with the beer.


5. The Beatles Lego Wall Art

The Beatles Lego Wall Art

OK, so Lego isn't a British business and it definitely isn't small but it is still independent! (Amazingly it's still privately owned by the same Danish family who started it in 1932). Anyway this one was too cool not to share... Lego isn't just for kids! This kit for Beatles Fans is specifically designed for adults. It's a mosaic made from almost 3000 pieces. It's 4 in 1, you can make portraits of all four of the Beatles from the kit, just only one at a time! This would be a perfect gift to accompany one of my awesome Lego Father's Day cards.   

I hope that you find something that he'll love in here. Let me know how he reacted if you do!

Lots of love,


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