5 Awesome Gifts for Dad this Father's Day

If you're wondering what to get for dad this father's day, take a look at my suggestions below.  I've scoured the internet so you don't have to!  Hopefully some of my suggestions will work for you or inspire you to think of something else! 

Here's my top five gifts for Dad: 

houseplant subscription

This is the gift I bought for my husband a previous year. Each month you get a unique plant with perfectly fitting ceramic pot and instructions on how to not kill it! Bloombox Club was started by Dr Katie Cooper, previously a practising therapist and psychology lecturer having realised how beneficial plant care can be on our mental health. So far we've kept all ours alive so our mental health is doing well! I'd highly recommend.  


2. Sourdough Baking Kit

Sourdough Baking Kit

My husband is well into sourdough baking (which is a massive win for me!) and it's actually surprisingly easy and reliable once you know what you're doing. The kit includes everything you need to make amazing loaves including the actual starter culture (we initially tried making our own and it failed miserably). Plus you get access to instructional videos and an email helpline to the crumb team for any troubleshooting! 


3. Personalised Aerial Photo Jigsaw

Personalised Aerial Photo Jigsaw

Home is where the heart is. It's a jigsaw which makes an aerial image centred on their house! I bought this for both my Dad and Father-in-law for Christmas last year and they both loved them. The centred piece is even shaped like a house so they can start from there and work their way out. You just put the postcode into the website and they do the rest. He can try putting it together it without any help but it's quite hard, luckily they include a print of the image to use as a guide for putting it together. Each puzzle is handmade by the team at Butler & Hill in their workshop in Devon.


4. Surprise Book Subscription

The perfect gift for a book worm, or someone who wants to read more but never gets round to finding a good book to read! This monthly book subscription is from Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath. This amazing shop has twice been named the UK's best independent bookshop and even been named by the Guardian as one of the ten best bookshops in the world! He will get a questionnaire about his reading tastes and then will be assigned a "bibliotherapist" who will hand pick and beautifully wrap the perfect book for him each month. If he happens to have read it already, it can be returned and they will be happy to send out another one.


5. Cheese Subscription

For a cheese loving dad, this cheese subscription box will go down a treat! A selection of the finest cheeses sent to his door and delivered in climate control packaging.  Choose between a monthly, bi monthly or quarterly subscription.  I'm getting hungry just writing about this one!


My Bestselling Father's Day Cards:

When it comes to cards - I'm your gal. I have a fab selection of father's day cards, do take a look and I'll pop some pictures of my best selling designs below:

This Father's Day photo card is a sure fire winner, bring a tear to dad's eye with a photo and message of a special memory of you. 


I have a selection of Lego themed Father's day cards for the lego loving Dads out there!  Which Superhero will you choose?


A fun & colourful card for daddy.


I hope that's been helpful for you to choose your dad the perfect gift and card this Father's Day.




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